Jumat, 11 Maret 2011

Me Working on Flannel



This morning, me dreaming going to School Fashion di France. Just because me doing some sewing work in these recently days.

Not having writing means it's time to read. Tired of reading means now it's time to sew. After those sewing things, time to get back to write again.

Work Hard, Dream High. Keepin' fight!

nb: btw, itu maksudnya bikin pembatas buku. tapi kalau diliat-liat kok aneh, yaa? Ahahaha

Felt PostCard

Last nite, I got this message: "I've sent you postcards, wait for the postman knock your door."

From mi miel amiga: Fitria Amathonthe

Then, I bought these ...

Preparing these...

And making this Felt Postcard


Tomorrow I'll send this PostCard to Fitria. Gotta go to post office, then. Yippie, I love Post Office to send (thank&you're welcome) PostCard!

Kamis, 10 Maret 2011

Broken Pedal

I never thought that crying for no sentimental reason was soo relaxing.

I ever said to my self: bear your tears. No cry, no makin' people worried by your tears, be string, eh, strong, tough--and hide your tears (it doesn't mean me can't cry, just tears when you alone, and smile when you with others), keep-keep-keep it in you heart. Me seldom having spontaneous tears.

Well, I've planned to sew this morning. Me makin' pattern, cutting the fabrics, and tackin' on it in d'mid-nite. Yes, me soo sleepy--but I 'coudn't sleep'. So, me decided to do something with fabric and words for killin' me insomnia. After finishing those sewing things, me continued writing till 2.30--almost 3.oo am, then me have sleeping.

Then, me woke up at 7.oo o'clock. Preparing sewing machine, get the fabrics ready, then sew. Buut ... there's no life signs from my sewing machine. Me pushed the dynamo-pedal, still no life signs.


I phoned my Pa--asking why. He told me to check the cabel and the electricity. I did, but still no results.

Then, me crying. For dynamo-sewing machine-pedal! It was so not sentimental, rite? Lol.

What shud I do now? Writing? I've planned to write after this sewing things. 'll get no idea to write rite now.

Then, me tearing.


Just a light cried and lil' tears.

But it feel sooo relaxing.

Me felt soo woman. Finally I could feel a lil' woman-side inside me.

Then, me smile. Tidy the sewing machine up. No sewing this morning. And even maybe I've to buy the new dynamo pedal one.

Then, me smile. Yes, maybe I shud have writing rite now.

Feliz Viernes, Todos ;)

[picture got it from here]

Fabric Store

These are when I went to fabric store with mon amie: Ii.

Heaven beside bookstore and or library is fabric store.

Haatsyih! I guess i get influenza tunite.

1st Dress Sewing

Me not satisfied enough. Hehe ... Buuut .. this is me first dress sewing. Say congratz, then!



What am I beat on this dress-costura? Sewing the sleeves! Finally I could sew it neat!


I used jelujur and setik balik formula. How and what is that? Difficult to explain -halah

Sabtu, 05 Maret 2011

Me Buying

Well, I've just bought fabrics.

catoon (for the flower) : 18.000 idr/meter
(white) hero : 12.000 idr/meter

I looove sewing, but I don't know why I feel so lazy (and comes to hate) making pattern. Boring thing likely. Hahah. 

Hope these fabrics could be a nice dress one. 

And these ... another fabrics. Soo lovely, and soo 'expensive'. 30.000 idr/meter.
And if I buy, and I 'destroy' the suture, then Im going to broke easily. Hahah. Hope someday I could sew these 'expensive' fabrics (so it means me going expert in sewing--aamiin)